Jameirez has been a Boys & Girls Club member for 4 years.  Jameirez is currently a Junior at Fort Pierce Westwood-Marine & Oceanographic Academy and a staff member at our Garden Terrace Clubhouse.  In his free time, Jameirez enjoys flying drones, playing video games, photography, and engineering.  Jameirez wishes to attend college where he would like to earn a scholarship playing football so that he may study neurology. 

Jameirez believes that the staff at the Boys & Girls Clubs can help mold and guide youth in the community, just like they did for him.  Jameirez says, “The Club is like a family to me, a safe haven, a place where I am not judged by my past; rather pushed me to embrace my future.”  Jameirez says that the Club has taught him many good lessons which he plans on one day passing along to someone else.  

“When it comes to youth advocacy (…) a problem I see in the community is a lot of youth do not have somewhere safe to go where they can share with peers what they going on in their lives.  I would like to invite more of the community into the Boys & Girls Club so that teens can share in fellowship and grow together.  Once one Boys & Girls Club is full, we should open another until all youth have somewhere safe to go.  I will take what youth say and help lead the community to be stronger.  A good leader is a good listener.” –Jameirez Daniels

Please congratulate Jameirez, our 2021 Garden Terrace Youth of the Year!