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Frequently Asked Questions

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Explore our FAQ section to find answers to common questions about our programs and services. Our aim is to provide clear, concise information to support our community.

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How is the 21st Century Explorers program funded?


The 21st Century Community Learning Centers are funded with federal money awarded through a competitive program by the Florida Department of Education.

Is the program open to all children?


The program is specifically designed to help young people who attend the designated low-performing schools; who are members of Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Lucie County; and whose academic records indicate they need help with reading, math and/or science and who.

How will the programs be evaluated to determine whether they are effective?


As described in the applications for funding, the programs will be evaluated by an objective third party using academic records to determine whether 21st Century Explorers members are progressing.

Does the program continue during the summer?


Yes, 21st Century Explorers continues after the school year ends. Parents of members will be contacted with a summer schedule.

How can I get my child involved in 21st Century Explorers?


Contact the Site Director at the Location you are interested in.

If I have questions about the program, whom can I contact?


Contact the Site Director at the Location you are interested in.

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