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Honor Flight And Youth Of The Year

Honor Flight and Youth of the Year

Kayla Williams, the 2019 Boys and Girls Clubs of St. Lucie County Youth of the Year received an extraordinary experience, thanks to Dr. Shamsher Singh.  Dr. Singh and Williams served as escorts on a recent Honor Flight.  It was Williams first trip out of Florida.

“My Honor Flight Experience was a little scary at first because I have never been on a plane before.  At the end of the day that didn’t matter, because I got to enjoy my time in a new place.  I met many courageous people.  I’ve become very thankful for our veterans because I didn’t know half of the things they have done for our country and continue to do for our country.  For that I am very thankful,” said Williams.

Dr. Singh, a long-time supporter of our veterans, the Honor Flight program and Youth of the Year made arrangements for Williams to travel with the group.

Southeast Florida Honor Flight is an all-volunteer organization that makes it possible for World War II, Korean and Vietnam veterans to visit Washington D.C. memorials for a day.  The group raises funds all year long for four flights a year.  Guardians or escorts are required to attend three-hours of training and pay $400 for the privilege of making sure the veteran has the time of his or her life on this special day.

Dr. Singh has traveled on over 25 Honor Flights in his patriotic pants and attire.

“The youth learn history in school, but Honor Flight gives them the opportunity to hear first- hand accounts from the Veterans and experience their reaction seeing the memorials built in honor of the wars they fought in our Nation’s Capital,” added Dr. Singh.

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