Looking for a summer camp for your child or teenager? Look no further than Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Lucie County! We understand the difficulty of finding reliable and affordable summer camp care for your children. Our Clubs provide safe, exciting summer adventures for kids of all ages. 

From engaging activities to a nurturing environment, we’re committed to ensuring a memorable experience for every member. In this post, you’ll learn about summer camp at Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Lucie County, including the cost and programs.  

Summer Camp at Boys & Girls Clubs of 2024 

Boys & Girls Club of St. Lucie County is excited to offer a fun-filled summer camp for our members. Despite school being out, we have a wide variety of programs available that cater to education, creativity, and business. Our programs are designed not only to make learning fun but also to provide a holistic approach to youth development. Members will have a blast getting hands-on experience that they will never forget. They will not even realize they are learning something new! 

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Register for our Enriching & Safe Summer Camps 

Our summer camps are available at seven world-class clubs located throughout Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie. Your child will be supervised by experienced and qualified staff who are committed to ensuring their safety and well-being. Our staff members are trained to provide a positive and inclusive environment that fosters creativity, confidence, and personal growth. Each club has a unique weekly fee and a $30 registration fee. Register your child today! 


  • Ken Pruitt Club | 10673 SE Lennard Rd. Port St. Lucie 
  • Chuck Hill Club | 198 NW Marion Ave. Port St. Lucie 
  • Oak Hammock K-8 School | 1251 SW California Blvd. Port St. Lucie 
  • Infinity Club | 1011 N 23rd St. Fort Pierce 
  • Westside Club | 3361 S. Jenkins Rd. Fort Pierce (Building B) 
  • Westside Teen Center | 3361 S. Jenkins Rd. Fort Pierce (Building D) 
  • Percy Peek Teen Center | 2902 Avenue D Fort Pierce 

A Peek into Some Summer Camp Activities 

Our Clubs offer an exciting array of programs throughout the entire year, ensuring there’s always something engaging happening for our members. While we pride ourselves on the continuity of our year-round offerings, we also highlight special summer-specific initiatives, such as the Summer Brain Gain. This ensures a blend of constant learning opportunities with seasonal activities designed to enrich the summer experience. 

Summer Brain Gain 

During the summer months, our Summer Brain Gain program offers an engaging approach to keep our members’ minds sharp and entertained. This program is designed to address the common summer learning loss when students tend to forget some of the knowledge acquired during the academic year. Through engaging, week-long modules, the program dives into STEAM subjects—Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics—carefully aligned with common core education standards, ensuring a blend of fun and development that keeps intellectual curiosity alive all summer long. 

Drone Piloting 

Experts in education have found that early incorporation of drone curriculum in STEM learning is crucial to prepare students for their future roles as leaders and members of the workforce. Our drone pilot program takes this to the next level. Our members will engage in practical lessons to experience drone technology firsthand, transforming abstract concepts into tangible skills. This hands-on approach not only makes learning fun but also helps children discover the endless possibilities of technology. It’s a practical approach that ensures the relevance and effectiveness of our program. 

Money Matters 

Money Matters goes beyond teaching essential money management; it cultivates financial responsibility and independence within our diverse group of Club members. This program introduces members to financial literacy through exercises tailored to different age groups. Starting with foundational money concepts, it gradually introduces more complex topics like checking account management, budgeting, saving, investing, entrepreneurship, and planning for college expenses. Our approach equips members with the knowledge and skills for a secure financial future. 

Workforce Readiness 

We’re thrilled about offering our Workforce Readiness Program, which promises not just fun but also an enriching future. Our unique program is designed to empower members to become the professionals of tomorrow and equip them with crucial tools, knowledge, and experiences that are vital for success in the modern world and beyond. 

With our diverse and enriching offerings, we are committed to ensuring that every member’s summer experience is safe, educational, and memorable. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make this summer truly special – join us for endless fun and cherished memories!