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YOTY 2020 – Malakaii

YOTY 2020 - Malakai

We congratulate our Percy Peek Club’s 2020 Youth of the Year, Malakai!  Malakai has been a Boys & Girls Clubs member for 2 years.  Malakai is currently in 8th grade at Dale Cassens Educational Complex. 

Malakai enjoys working out, running, playing basketball, and Youtubing!  Malakai would like to attend Indian River State College and pursue a degree in Physical Education.  Malakai says that if he could have one super power it would be telekinesis, or the ability to move things with his mind.  He recognizes that his mind is a powerful thing and must keep it in shape just like any other muscle. 

Malakai is a leader on his Club’s travel basketball team, the Percy Peek Pioneers.  He brings hard work and passion to every practice and game.  Malakai is also passionate about improving his community and he believes that starts with prevention of gun violence and increasing gang awareness. 

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