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YOTY 2020 – Aniya

YOTY 2020 - Aniya

We congratulate our Infinity Club’s 2020 Youth of the Year, Aniya!  Aniya has been a Boys & Girls Clubs member for 4 years.  Aniya also served as our Infinity Club’s 2019 Junior Youth of the Year.  Aniya is currently a freshman at Westwood Preparatory Academy.

Aniya enjoys singing, reading, dancing, and hopes to become a professional in the medical field.  Aniya is currently undecided on her degree in the medical field, but would like to attend Florida State to pursue her degree. 

Aniya is a leader on her Club’s dance team, as dancing is one of her passions.  She choreographs the dances and runs practice.  Aniya is also very passionate about standing up for gun violence prevention and gang awareness in her community.  Aniya believes that if we invest into fixing problems in our immediate community, that we invest in the future.

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