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RoundUp with us for the ClubKids

Thanks so much for being involved in our work and investing your time to see us succeed. We are so grateful for your continued support and generosity!

We have some exciting news to share and wanted you to be the first to know! We’ve recently partnered with a program called the RoundUp App that allows you to “round up” the change from your debit or credit card purchases and donate it to us monthly.

Take a look at this 90 second video that explains more on how it works:

RoundUp with Us

So, for example, if you were to spend $5.65 at a store, it would be rounded up to $6.00 and the $0.35 difference would be donated to us. There is also an option to set a monthly giving cap, so even if you already contribute financially in other ways, you can still join RoundUp and set a limit that you are comfortable with.

We are in a campaign to improve three main areas for our Club kid’s experiences. We seek to provide World-Class Clubs, Life Enriching Programs and much needed, improved Transportation.

Having safe, reliable transportation at each club will allow the doors of experiences and opportunities to open wide by having our Club kids see beyond their own neighborhoods.

This will allow for field trips, college tours, workforce development and so much more!

Pictured above are two renderings of the new 15-passenger vehicles we seek to have for our Club kids. With all the ground these vans will travel you should consider the sponsorship opportunities for your business logo imprinted on the vans.

We would be honored if you would commit to give in this way as it provides another way for us to continue doing Whatever It Takes to Build Great Futures! You can download the app for iPhone, Android or create an account on the Web.

Once you have signed up please tell a friend or 10.

Please let us know if we can answer any questions or provide more information. Our mission would not be possible without you, so thank you again for your loyalty, support and of course, your change!

Setting it up is easy! Start by clicking this link: and you are on your way to making a difference in your community you can be proud of!

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