Cody Hatt

Honor Flight Summary

The honor flight opened my eyes to a whole different view of life. Going through this journey taught me the impact that the veterans have on our everyday life. This flight made me respect the veterans that fought for our country that much more.

When my veteran, Alvin Rattner, and I landed in Washington every last one of his great grandchildren showed up to show their support. When I saw the tears of joy coming from my veterans eyes, it made me realize how important this was to him.

After going on the trip, the honor that I have for each one of the veterans that have fought for our country has multiplied immensely. The new level of respect and honor that I have for the veterans is outrageous. Without the honor flight this would not be possible.

Cody Honor Flight Summary

I want to thank Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Lucie County and Dr. Singh for affording me this once in a lifetime opportunity. Our WWII Veterans are passing on every day and soon we won’t have any more of these treasures. I will take the emotions and feelings from this trip and carry them with me as I move through life’s journey.

While we were in Arlington at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier we had a chance to see the Changing of the Guard. To see the level of professionalism, respect, and servitude is inspiring, and I will thrive to do the same in my official tasks.

I am thankful for my role as the Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Lucie County’s 2014 Youth of the Year. Each opportunity, trip, and speaking engagement moves me closer to reaching my full potential. In helping me complete my life’s missions, The Club is simultaneously fulfilling theirs.